But even by his fairly outlandish standards, a recent campaign ad for his 2012 presidential campaign could be deemed “a bit much”.

The 53 second clip, which has become something of a viral hit online, picking up over 200,000 views on YouTube, sees a coy Russian girl visit a mystic who predicts her future using tarot cards.

And who should turn up on one of the cards? Only old Putin himself. In Russia you see, all tarot card sets feature the ex-KGB former president (that’s not technically true).

“Let’s find out, cutie, who is destined for you,” says the mystic.

“You know, I wish it to be for love,” replied the girl. “This is my first time.”

Then the mystic flips the card to reveal Putin, and wait, she wasn’t talking about sex, she was talking about voting.

We can’t say that we endorse the use of mysticism when deciding who to vote for. Call us, old hat, but we think deciding which candidates policies most closely align to your personal values is a pretty good way to decide who to vote for.

Alas, this young Russian is convinced and off she plods to vote.

Check out the video below, make sure to enable closed captions for the actual subtitles

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