The two crowds started their violent duel at the bar of the Sheraton Mission Hill hotel in Philadelphia. The initial cause of the fight remains unknown, although Police Lieutenant Ray Evers has said it was severely fuelled by alcohol.

The man behind the camera was an incensed hotel guest whose sleep had been interrupted by the loud brawl.

After breaking up the fight, police found a 57 year-old man – supposedly the uncle of one of the brides – unconscious on the ground. He was pronounced dead from a heart attack an hour later at a nearby hospital.

Two guests were cited for disorderly conduct while one was arrested for assaulting an officer. Philadelphia police say they were forced to use a taser on one guest and called twice for back up to end the chaos.

A woman in a white dress, presumably the bride, can be seen in the middle of the fray before being whisked away by two men. Her marriage can only get better from there, right?