Sarah Wood, function manager at the Green Man in the CBD, says she has tried the drink after her curiosity got the better of her.

“Once you get past the fact that there is stag semen in it, it is actually quite a nice wee concoction,” she told DPA on Thursday.

She said a couple of customers had already tried the drink, but she was expecting more on Friday, traditionally their busiest night.

“We are waiting for some game punters to come in and give it a go.”

Overall feedback so far was that the drink was really “not that bad,” she said.

For its 2011 entry into the national wild food competition, the Green Man offered diners apple-infused horse semen shots, but ran short before being able to compete.

“We actually sold out of the horse semen before the judges came in.”

Ms Wood said she was expecting this year’s shots to be particularly popular with men out on pre-wedding stag nights.

The stag semen, which contains around 4000 sperm per serving, is stored in liquid nitrogen at -196C, and made into the “stag’s roar” drink each morning.

The pub designed the drink to be swallowed alongside a dish of venison, which can also be washed down with a glass of dark porter beer for the less adventurous.

The semen is sourced from Hannibal, a seven-year-old stag with impeccable credentials, Ms Wood said.

“You would call him a perfect stag really, he is healthy, his semen is export quality.”

She said she did not expect Hannibal, from South Canterbury, to have any trouble keeping up with demand.

“Obviously he doesn’t do it just for us, but I’m sure he would be totally supportive of what we are doing.”