Ten-year-old cricket fan Tia received the full force of the ball in her face, a mishap that broke her nose.

But when the big-hitting West Indian batsman discovered one of his huge shots had caused damage, he went straight to visit Tia at a Bangalore hospital.

 “Her first words were that I should not be sad,” Gayle said.  “It was a very touching moment for me and I wished her a speedy recovery.”

“She told me to keep hitting sixes and not to worry.”

Gayle – the opening batsman for the Bangalore – smashed an incredible five sixes in a row off leg-spinner Rahul Sharma to help his team to victory.

But it was his fourth consecutive six which smashed the young fan in the face.

The incident was dramatically captured by television cameras.

The commentator said: “Let’s hope that that is not a bad injury there. It looks like a little girl may have been hit. Lets hope that she is OK.”