The winner of the world’s longest burp was Tim Janus, 35, who managed to burp continuously for 18.1 seconds. Well done Tim, your mum must be very proud.

Celebrating his victory Janus said “I was just trying to condense all the air in my stomach and bring it to the surface…You just have to force every last bit of air up. It’s beautiful, really.”

Yes, quite. Janus guzzled two gallons of Mountain Dew and Diet Coke to achieve this impressive feat.

The event took place to promote a new iPhone app called ‘Major League Eating: The Game’. Presumably it involves lots of gorging, Man vs. Food style, but without all those calories and annoying trips to the hospital with blocked arteries.

Watch the uber-burpy video below.

Here’s some more enthusiastic belchers showing their skills at the World Burping Championship…