Weiner Schnitzel

Oh yeah, Vienna’s contribution to global cuisine is the king of hearty foods. Meat covered in breadcrumbs then fried doesn’t sound too promising, but done well it’s delicious. If you’ve only ever had Austria’s most famous dish in a bad country pub where they serve up a plate-sized of meat dripping in oil and doughy breadcrumbs and deep fried (oh, the horror) – think again



Black stuff

The Viennese didn’t invent drinking coffee, but they can lay a good claim to popularising the idea of sitting down and enjying a nice brew. Coffee houses are a speciality of Vienna. They do a great line in unbeatable coffee, tasty cakes and a laid-back yet sophisticated atmosphere — fans of chain coffee shops and their cheap ’n’ nasty lattes drunk out of a plastic cup while sitting on a stool listening to soft 1990s rock might be in for a pleasant surprise.

Time for a wine

Vienna is home to some great wine bars, where you can enjoy a cheap glass of not disagreeable wine for a price that’s not going to bust your wallet. If you want to party with Austrians, or at the very least just sit around in a traditional atmosphere, these are the place to go.



The water in Vienna is safe to drink.