Vietnamese food is fantastic. It’s tasty, plentiful, varied and cheap. From fiery stir-fries to delicious noodle soups (pho) and numerous styles of fish you’ll be spoiled for choice. Wash it down with a glass of bia hoi.


This noodle soup is a Vietnamese staple. It’s available everywhere and to say it’s just a watery soup is to say a roast dinner is just a hunk of baked meat. It invariably comes with chicken or beef but can be loaded (or not) with spicy goodness, making it a delicious and filling meal in itself.

Bia hoi

Bia hoi is as much an institution in Hanoi as it is in the beer halls of Munich. Bia hoi (pronounced beer hoy) is brewed daily (it has no preservatives) in the big cities and delivered around town in kegs on the back of motorbikes. It’s a great tasting pilsner and best of all, it’s cheap — how does 25cents for a glass grab you? It’s best drunk at one of the small roadside cafes in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.