The Hollywood hardman’s latest role is explaining the finer points of CPR in a British Heart Foundation advertisement.

Jones, accompanied by a couple of thuggish-looking characters, instructs that there’s now no need to deliver air by mouth to someone in cardiac arrest: “you only kiss the missus on the lips”.

He also advises that “hard and fast” compressions should mimic the beat of The Bee Gees’ disco classic Stayin Alive.

The British Heart Foundation is hoping Jones’ starring role in the campaign will help promote the correct emergency procedure when dealing with a cardiac arrest.

It follows a UK-wide survey that revealed four in 10 people feared they would be sued if they did something wrong, despite the fact there has never been a successful case of that kind in the UK.

The poll also showed nearly half of people are put off helping because of a lack of knowledge about CPR.

A fifth of respondents were concerned about the idea of the kiss of life or catching an infectious disease.

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