1. The government’s Harvest Trail (Ph: 1800 062 332, www.jobsearch.gov.au/harvesttrail) offers good info. There’s no harm in inquiring at agencies too. Check the internet, hostel noticeboards and newspapers, as well 
as www.wwoof.com.au

2. It’s all about postcodes. The DIAC state that only seasonal work completed within specific areas (see www.immi.gov.au) count. Working outside these will be pointless visa-wise. Check for updates too. 

3. Read the rules. You need to complete 88 days of seasonal work. However, regulations stipulate that if you are employed on a full-time contract, weekends count towards your total even if you do not physically work them. Don’t quote me on this though, read the website, check your contract, and chat to your boss to ensure he’ll sign you off for those days. 

4. Don’t leave it till the last minute. There is no guarantee work will be available. Seasonal work is weather dependent, and thus unpredictable. I had to travel 3,000km by bus for my last six days. I don’t recommend that! And don’t wait till you’re overdrawn – the application costs $195. 

5. We’ve all met somebody whose blagged it. But, they do check them. Mine was reviewed, and though I had done the work, awaiting my fate still wasn’t fun.