Effects of the volcanic ash seem to be diminishing as most European airports reopened after a period of chaos over the weekend.

Reports on the Iceland volcano have been as confusing as those on the UK General elections, but here’s the latest on Eyjafjallajokull (so glad we get to type that instead of saying it!)

If you’re heading to a European destination you should be OK as most airport have opened today, although you may experience some delays.

However, if you’re booked onto a transatlantic flight there may be more serious disruption.

The Eurocontrol air traffic body said it expected 28,500 flights in European airspace today, about 500 below average. Yesterday flights were 1,500 down as the plume closed airports from Scotland to northern Italy.

A Met Office spokesperson said: “We’re all at the mercy of the volcano and there is just no way of knowing how long it will continue to erupt. It’s very much a day-to-day situation at the moment.”

Unfortunately, recent images have shown activity in the volcano increasing and emitting ash up to 20,000ft (6,000m).

Be sure to check with your airline before you set off to the airport. Here are some of the services you can check:





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