Travellers who have had their flights cancelled because of the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland should check with their travel insurance company asap to find out exactly what compensation they are entitled to.

Although disruption to flights is expected to continue past Monday, travellers may be able to claim for delays or cancellations. However, it does depend on your particular policy. Some policies cover you in the case of natural disasters, but others exclude ‘acts of God’.

According to the financial research company Defaqto, “Travelers who have already
checked in may be covered, but for those who have not
yet checked in, your insurer may not actually provide cover. This is
because the airports are not officially checking in passengers and many,
if not most, policies will only provide cover on basis that the insured
person officially checks in.”

Defaqto advises consumers to follow this checklist:

  • Urgently check
    with your insurer about the exact cover that is provided.
  • If
    you have booked an ATOL protected packaged trip, check with tour
    operator or travel agent about the options available.
  • If
    you have booked flights independently, contact your airline, as they
    may refund the cost of the flight in full or rearrange the flight.
  • If
    you have booked hotel and car hire independently and have paid for
    these on your credit card, contact you card supplier as these costs may
    be refundable. Also remember to cancel these with the providers
    wherever possible.

It’s also important to keep all receipts (such as from staying in a hostel or hotel while waiting for a flight) and documentation; you’ll need them if you want to make a claim