According to Simon Goddard, who wrote the list for Wanderlust magazine, the UK’s capital “isn’t that special”.

The “opinionated writer”, from cheap flight booking website Just The Flight, also names the Louvre Museum in Paris, Stonehenge, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa as big fat tourist traps.

Writing about London, Goddard blames the weather for the city being a place to avoid, moaning: “It’s stuffy in the summer, freezing in the winter.”

He also writes: “OK, so maybe it’s just me having lived in London for a time and also having frequented it many times in my life, but seemingly everywhere I go, there are tourists EVERYWHERE.

“What’s the deal? Seriously tourists, London’s not all that special; it’s crowded (no thanks to you) … its transport system is notoriously slow and unreliable, people are not friendly, traffic is a nightmare, things are expensive and the traditional tourist sites are frankly boring.

“Buckingham Palace? Really? I wouldn’t bother if I were you, but I hear that Paris is beautiful this time of year…”

Goddard urges people to avoid Paris’s most prestigious gallery, the Louvre, because the Mona Lisa is “tiny,” while Stonehenge in the UK – a prehistoric stone supernatural phenomenon – is “essentially a bunch of big stones in a field”.

Goddard’s full list included: Rome’s Colosseum, The Statue of Liberty, Mannekin Pis, Brussels, The Astronomical Clock, Prague, The Great Wall of China, Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark, and The Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Users on the Wanderlust website came to London’s defence.

London-beduoin wrote: “Seriously putting London on the list – I’m assuming that was a joke right? London along with New York are the only two Alpha ++ rated cities in the world and as the saying goes ‘bored with London bored with life’ so I can only conclude you’re a very bored and fed-up person my friend!?”

ManOfTheWorld said: “Seriously ignorant and pointless article. I buy Wanderlust to be inspired by the world around me.  If the magazine sees fit to publish an article suggesting that it’s not worth visiting London, the Grand Canyon, the Great Wall of China and the Louvre, then I’m afraid it’s time to say goodbye Wanderlust…”

While satkinson said: “Perhaps Simon hasn’t taken a helicopter over the rim of the Grand canyon? I have seen a lot, but this was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. I would challenge anyone to be unmoved by this (perhaps you could narrow the criticism down to the ‘Skywalk’ if that’s what annoys you about the place, although I’m sure it’s amazing too, just a bit pricey).

“As for saying London is overrated, well that is just a ridiculous thing to say! As for the justification, what a load of generalised rubbish! I can understand saying that a specific site/sight might be overrated, but an enormous cultural city? Pah! 

“I think this was just written to wind people up and get a reaction, and it clearly has from me! Would put me off visiting the Just the Flight website with crass opinions like this.”

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