The nattily-named Rent-a-Rebound offer a service that’ll ensure that your ex (and everyone else) is fooled into thinking you’ve bagged a stunner, and for a minimal fee (well, £299), you’ll get to create your very own bespoke partner and all of your social media accounts will be flooded with nauseating, loved up messages.

Using the technological wonders of Photoshop and a little bit of know-how, there’s a fairly high chance that you’ll end up with a Brazilian model who likes nothing more than advanced yoga and drinking beer while watching Arsenal. Or a six foot zookeeper who brings his monkey home (not a euphemism) and who just loves to treat his lady to foot massages and weekends in Paris.

We’re yet to try this, but we’ll admit to being intrigued. One thing’s certain, though – your ex will definitely be made aware that you’ve moved on. And they never have to know that you’re still crying in front of Emmerdale with a meal for one.

Image credit: Thinkstock