Eva Rausing was found by police when they forced their way into the couple’s £70m Chelsea mansion past a Fillino employee who was shouting “out of bounds, out of bounds” according to The Daily Mail.

The investigation is taking place as Hans Kristian Rausing, 49, receives treatment in hospital and has not yet been questioned by police.

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The couple’s Chelsea home (Getty images)

The couple, who had a history of drug addiction and met at a rehab clinic. Eva’s sister Be Kemeny told The Mail she has attempted to contact her sister on a visit to London in June “I went upstairs to her bedroom and I was knocking on the door and texting her and calling out to her and there was no reply.

“I think my sister was in there, passed away. I’d been worrying for weeks. I suspected something awful had happened.”

Eva was last seen in public in May. Friends of the couple have spoken of the couple’s heavy use of heroin, cocaine and prescription painkillers – with one report stating that Eva Rausing was in a state of paranoia and despair before her death.

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