Then for fun, he rammed through an apartment’s door. That’s obviously where it gets weird. 

The hooker was in Dunedin at a student flat following England’s loss to New Zealand and Australia’s win over Samoa meant their tournament was over. 

England rugby league has issued an apology and the door will apparently be paid for, but let’s celebrate this incident for what it really is – a guy with new friends and old being issued a bit of a dare with chants of “Go through the door”, taking on the challenge and succeeding. 

He takes a run, demolishes the door, climbs back through it and raises his arms in triumph. 

It’s unconfirmed if he wins anything from the feat. 

England team manager Jon Roberts had the misfortune of having to release this statement: “On behalf of Rugby League England we would like to apologise for the behaviour, and we’ve arranged for full repair of the small damage that occurred last night,” Roberts said.

Earlier last week hooker Daryl Clark told local paper the Daily Star that he wasn’t entirely impressed with all the drunk people at the Wingatui races. 

Image via Youtube