New Zealand snow twins Maria (snowboard) and Janina (ski, in video above) Kuzma are currently competing in the Freeride World Tour.

Janina took 3rd place at the event in Chamonix on January 31. The Wanaka-based sisters each sit in fifth place in their respective disciplines.

The Freeride World Tour was launched in 2008 and after just two full seasons is already recognized by riders, the ski industry and the media as the pinnacle of the sport.

In 2010, the best freeriders: men, women, skiers and snowboarders alike, will visit some of the world’s most renowned ski resorts in pursuit of the world title.

The four-stop Freeride World Tour is supported by 18 Freeride World Qualifier events around the world where the same criteria for event organization, choice of locations, security, contest format, and judging is applied.

TNT wishes the Kuzma sisters all the best.

Visit the Freeride World Tour site