The shame, of course, stems from the fact that everyone can see you’ve been out all night as your clothes are rumpled, your face needs a good clean and your breath smells of a badger’s bottom.

However, there’s a new piece of kit on the market that’ll eradicate any embarrassment (for the girls, at least). Small enough to pop into a handbag, the kit contains a one-size-fits-all t-shirt dress, a pre-pasted toothbrush, flip flops, a backpack for last night’s clothes and a card to let your lover know if you’re up for a repeat performance or you’re a one-night-only kind of girl.

There are also wipes to clear away mascara smears and sunglasses to hide your puffy peepers.

However, the kit’s also a godsend for guys – you won’t have to send your beaus away in one of your favourite t-shirts any more, and there’ll be no more awkward phone calls to arrange to get your clothes back.

Intrigued? Disgusted? Want to stock up? Find out more here.

Image credit: Walk of Shame Kit website