Wayne and Coleen Rooney are back together after the crisis caused by Wayne allegedly having sex with a prostitute while his wife was pregnant.

A friend of the couple told the Daily Mail: “Coleen wants to give it another chance, if only on a trial basis. But Wayne has agreed to a variety of different rules. Coleen has told him if it ever happens again that will be it. The end of the marriage.

“It will mean an end to his nights out with the lads for a long time to come and is a chance to rebuild the trust they once had.

“He has told her it was all a terrible mistake and he has learned his lesson.”

The Rooneys met at their Cheshire mansion last night where Coleen is believed to have given Wayne a piece of her mind but told him she will give the marriage another go for the sake of their 10-month baby, Kai.

It’s been on the cards that Wayne and Coleen will give things another go after the Rooneys released a joint statement on Friday asking for privacy in order to work on their marriage.

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