Troubled England striker Wayne Rooney is now being linked with a move to cashed-up Manchester City.

However, a move to City – a club reported to be open to the idea of
a £250k a week contract – would leave Rooney open to the same
allegations of disloyal greed and treachery now hurled at former United
(and now City) striker Carlos Tevez.

Since the reported rift between Rooney and Manchester United manager Sir Alex
Ferguson opened, both Real Madrid and Chelsea have expressed interest
in buying the striker but it is believed family issues – revolving
around his wife Coleen’s unwell sister – may persuade him to stay in

Despite his club’s interest in Rooney, Real Madrid coach Jose
Mourinho said he believed Sir Alex could still keep the pugnacious
striker at Old Trafford.

“I don’t think he will (become available),” Mourinho said. “I think the
big man will persuade him to stay.”

The Rooney topic was off the agenda at a Unicef promotion yesterday
but Sir Alex will face some intense questions at a Champions League
press conference this afternoon.

Meanwhile, former United player Roy Keane, who also had a falling
out with Sir Alex in 2005, advised Rooney to think of himself first.

“If I was to offer advice to Wayne, who is a good lad, I
would tell him to make sure he looks after number one,” Keane said.

“Players are pieces of meat – that’s how I look at it. When your time’s up,
your time’s up.”

Wayne Rooney to leave Manchester United?