You’ve met that special someone, perhaps down at the local pub or perfectly matched for you on a dating site, and now you want to impress them on your next night out.

If you’ve already exhausted the usual options and you want to find new flavors to taste together, look at this list of unusual outings to sample in the big city. 

Camden Town Brewery

Starting with one of the most normal of possible dates, the Camden Town Brewery was established in the last decade but has already found popularity with both locals and tourists alike. Tours of the facilities last for 90-120 minutes on Thursdays and Saturdays and it’s a good idea to purchase tickets in advance. It’s quite popular and sells out quickly. That is probably in large part due to the plentiful cans of fresh beer that come included in the ticket price. Be sure to check the website for reservations and details on current brews, from lagers to ales to stouts and more!

Tour Soho’s Murder Mile

Got a lover who likes the ghastly side of things? You could check out London’s Whitechapel which is overflowing with Jack the Ripper memorabilia and lore, showing that you can’t keep a wild madman down. But if you want something different, consider touring with Murder Mile Walks in Soho to learn about some less famous fiends. This informative, gruesome historical tour details the lurid misdeeds of over 18 murderers as you get in a brisk walk. The tour kicks off at Tottenham Court Road. With Soho’s great bar scene and atmosphere, you can arrive early or stay after to enjoy a brew. 

Ahoy Aboard the Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark in Greenwich is a fascinating exhibit of a 19th century ship. Newly raised above a custom viewing space, visitors can see unexpected details, like a snapshot of seafaring history. A lovingly preserved ship, it gives us modern landlubbers a glimpse into the adventurous lives aboard ship. In addition to the historical interest, there are comedy shows, live music, silent disco dances, and films shown, as well as other. Be sure to check their site to find up-to-date program information.

Meet the Famous Dead on the Highgate Cemetery Tour

Famous people are always a draw… even when they’re six feet under. While not automatically what pops to mind for date night, if you and your beloved are of the morbid variety a trip to Highgate Cemetery could be a charming jaunt. Some of the tombstones are works of art, and you can leave mementos to your favorite person’s grave. There are 170,000 individuals interred on the grounds. Some notaries spending their afterlife there include Douglas Adams, George Eliot, and Karl Marx. Despite its unusual appeal, it’s quite a popular tour, so book tickets online ahead of time.

Investigate the Wellcome Collection

If your budget is barebones, consider visiting a free and freely weird place. The Wellcome Collection is the premier curiosity museum in London. Home to oddities, it also features revolving exhibits, currently featuring exhibits on Bedlam and the history of mental health. Known as ‘the free destination for the incurably curious’ it has a great assembly of medicine and science trivia. Take a friend and spend a few hours learning about the strangest aspects of human (and inhuman) bodies. Did we mention it’s free?

Viktor Wynd’s Cabinet of Wonders

Deep in the dank basement museum of The Last Tuesday Society you will find a cornucopia of creepy and fascinating oddities, from the feathers and bones of extinct birds to shrunken heads. The curator and collector Viktor Wynd will escort you through his rooms, waxing poetic on all of the macabre objects in his collection. The website promises unique tour experiences each time, since your guide is an eccentric storyteller apt to have a new spin on the material with each visit. It may be worth a return trip. Tours run afternoons and evenings Thursdays and Saturdays.

Outlandish Evening Out in Society

The Last Tuesday Society is associated with Viktor Wynd and hosts bizarre and outlandish events all year round. You might attend a fancy dress ball as a sexy animal, or attend a séance (with excellent wine options) or debauch yourself with an extravagant Mardi Gras feast. No matter the occasion it will be big and strange, and good fun for a group of friends. Check the website for upcoming events. Don’t miss it!

Spend a Night in the Vaults

The Waterloo Vaults are delightfully creepy and always entertaining. An underground venue that functions as theater or party space, the events held range from oddball interpretations of Alice in Wonderland to interactive dinner theatre based on Roald Dahl stories to extravagant holiday balls, including a glow-in-the-dark Day of the Dead celebration. The sense of being underground gives the place a dark and mysterious feeling no matter the occasion. Be sure to get your tickets early. You never know what will be on offer!

With all of these amazing, informative, and odd offerings, you’ll never run out of possible dates! Whether you’ve met in a pub or in good old cyberspace on a dating site, make your real life encounters out of this world. Cheers, and have fun in weird London!