App Leaves Drivers Stranded in Desert – Australia

Drivers are getting stranded in the Outback for up to 24 hours after relying on iPhone apps for directions.

Six motorists have found themselves in Murray Sunset National Park – 43 miles from their desired destination of Mildura.

The park is 3000sq miles of desert and is home to poisonous snakes.

Some stranded drivers spent as long as a day lost, without food, having to walk for hours in temperatures of up to 46ºC.

Inspector Simon Clemence said: “Some people just trust the technology.

Any sat-nav is going to give you errors, but this one … may end up in a loss of life.”


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‘How to Love?’ Tops Google Searches – Australia

Who says Aussies are a shallow bunch? According to Google, “how to love?” was the most searched for “how to” question in 2012.

The findings released last week show swimmer Stephanie Rice was Australia’s most searched-for Olympian, and “what is permeate?” as one of Australia’s most googled questions.

Lara Bingle (pictured) was the year’s most looked-for celebrity.

AFL champions Sydney Swans were the most searched-for sports team (followed by Essendon FC) and Hurricane Sandy was the most searched-for news event.

The results were revealed in Google’s annual Zeitgeist report, which the company describes as “a barometer for what captivated Aussies during 2012”.

Korean pop act Psy’s Gangnam Style was the nation’s highest-trending search term, followed by Nine Network’s The Voice and English-Irish boyband, One Direction.

The trending category is calculated on the basis of how long a search term remains popular, rather than simply how many people search for it.


‘Jesus Lookalike’ Abused at Darts – United Kingdom

A darts fan was told to leave a televised match involving Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor after the 4500-strong crowd started chanting “Jesus” at him.

Bearded Aussie Nathan Grindal was enjoying the final against Kim Huybrechts when the lively audience started to turn on him at the Cash Converters Players’ Championship at Butlins, Somerset. 

Security was called, as play was interrupted by the chanting.

Grindal, a labourer from Oxfordshire, was visibly upset when he was escorted out by security.  

As he left the crowd chanted, “Stand up if you love Jesus”.

He was escorted to a nearby pub to watch the game on TV.


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Cops Send Crimbo Cards to Criminals – United Kingdom

Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice, and it seems the police do too.

They’re sending Christmas cards to criminals in the hope of guilt-tripping them into behaving over Crimbo.

West Midlands Police are posting them to burglars, robbers and car thieves.

The design of the cards varies depending on whether the criminals are single or have a family.

For those with children, the cover features the face of a sad kid and reads: “All I want for Christmas is for you to be there.” Inside, it carries the message: “All the presents in the world won’t make up for your lack of presence.”

Chief Superintendent Neil Evans said: “[They should] work with police and partner agencies to help them break free from crime or we will work to catch and convict them, resulting in them spending time in prison.”


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Lost IKEA Monkey Taken to Sanctuary – Canada

An adorable baby monkey who was spotted wandering around an IKEA store whilst wearing a very stylish shearling coat, has been taken to a primate sanctuary.

Darwin, a five-month-old rhesus macaque, was a much-loved pet who escaped from his owner’s car to go on his adventure.

Unfortunately, owning monkeys as pets is not legal in Toronto, and Darwin’s lawyer owner was fined C$240 (£151) for owning a prohibited animal.

The little monkey has now been transferred to Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Sunderland, Ontario.


 Traveller Hit With $150k Roaming Bill – Australia

We all know roaming charges are extortionate, but a woman was left stunned after being slapped with a gobsmacking AU$150,000 mobile bill.

After a nine-week trip around Europe, the unnamed Australian woman returned home to find her phone calls had cost more than her entire holiday.

After complaining to the industry watchdog, the sky-high charge was reduced to AU$1147.

It was among AU$8m worth of disputed global roaming fees. Let this be a lesson to us all.


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