Internationally known for its gorgeously warm weather, picturesque beaches, and art icons, Malaga is the perfect rest vacation rest spot to put your feet up while on holiday or a business trip. As one of the most popular coastal destinations on the Costa del Sol in Spain, Malaga is one destination you do not want to miss out on and which is why the Malaga apartments could soon be your home away from home.

Visiting the city is a beautiful way to explore the region but also the iconic works of world-renowned artists like Pablo Picasso to name but one who came from the coastal city. Many tourists and residents may not know this but Malaga is one of the oldest remaining cities actively habituated in the world and is recorded to be over 2800 years old, who wouldn’t want to visit a city with such a rich, ancient history?

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And what makes it that much better is that the top tourist sites and destinations are in a concentrated area so walking on foot is your best option for transport, and so much more cost-effective. The only issue tourists or businessmen and women face is trying to find accommodation, something that isn’t necessarily a hotel where the ambiance can often feel stiff and hygienic, but rather opting for a place to put your feet up that is cozy, relaxed, and ultimately welcoming.

Heaven in the city center

Waking up to the sounds of the city is like something from the movies, the hustle and bustle of commuters, tourists, and residents all going about their regular daily routines. And as you sit in your city-scape serviced apartment in the heart of the city sipping hot, freshly brewed coffee ready to start the day it doesn’t get much better than that.

Malaga apartments are the gem you have been looking for.

Often when we go on vacation or a work trip we immediately consider staying at a hotel, and then once we are in the stiff sheets of the bed or the musty-smelling rooms we realize we can do so much better. A serviced apartment has all the amenities and luxury you could ask for, but you have your own space with elegantly decorated features and accessories, it is like coming home to your international apartment which is comfortable and welcoming.

And while you may be on your work business trip who is to say you need to be in a cramped shared room? Malaga apartments have something for everyone, all styles and preferences, and finding the perfect choice is a simple request away. You have options of studio apartments which are just the right size for a couple looking to explore the city from the heart of the center, or the duplex studio and 1 bedroom apartment both cater for up to 4 people making the ultimate choice for friends wanting to travel and stay together, but without the hefty (often unnecessary) price tag.

Simplicity is the mantra throughout the apartments with subtle white, cream, and beige hues all around so coming back after a busy, long day out, you walk into an environment that evokes calm, and serenity, and is the best compliment to a large glass of wine and relaxation. If this sounds like the business trip you have always wanted, now you can enjoy it first-hand.

Not to miss

Staying in the heart of the city center of Malaga comes with a host of perks, not to mention great views from the Malaga apartments with idyllic rooftops and architecture for as far as the eye can see.

The Libere Malaga Teatro Romano apartments are within walking distance of the iconic, must-see Pablo Picasso museum and the Roman Theatre, and not to forget mentioning the palatial fortification known as Alcazaba with its Moorish architecture.

If your travel group is looking for a sundowner to shake off the long work week or you are hoping to find a spot to entertain business colleagues the neighborhood has a great selection of bars and some of the best residents you have to explore. Who doesn’t love eating authentic cuisine made with love by the locals who grew up and who have more than likely never left, living their entire lives in one spot?

To conclude

Malaga on the Costa del Sol in Spain is a destination to add to your bucket list, whether for business or pleasure, you can be sure the locals, the community, and the area as a whole will make you feel welcomed and at home. So, make your next adventure to Malaga and live life to the fullest, like you deserve to.