Apparently there isn’t a lot to do in the dreary, suburban town of Hemel Hempstead, which is part of the Greater London Urban Area. Perhaps this is why one enterprising young prankster decided to have himself some fun with a street bollard. He and his friends’ levity turned to acute embarrassment when he became unable to dislodge himself.

Footage taken on a mobile phone by one John Waterman, shows that a police officer as well as the man’s friends were forced to try and help the man free himself. Even with the assistance it took the lad a full two hours to extricate himself. 

“It took his friend and a policeman to get him out. It needed a good heave and his back was badly scratched afterwards,” Mr Waterman told the UK’s Daily Mail.

“The police officer found it very amusing and was chuckling to himself. It was probably one of his more lighthearted call outs.”

Newsworthy? Not particularly. Amusing? Barely.

Alright, maybe it is a little bit amusing…