Being raised in a Catholic family, Paolo Aliatis started to understand the concept of God from a very early age. Although as a child he may not have thought very much about it, over the years he gradually started to understand the importance of God in his life and in his values.

As was the norm, Aliatis’ faith was taken for granted, mostly by himself. Especially during those Sunday afternoons where he had to leave his group of friends and go to church with his mum, counting every second of the mass till he could go back to drinking and partying with his friends. Nevertheless, he never lost sight of his belonging to God and the faith within. 

Once he moved to the US and Europe, that was the first time Paolo Aliatis saw the views of other young people where God was seen as an outdated concept.

Paolo Aliatis wishes that all these parents and their children would understand that they changed their faith in God passed from their grandparents to the belief in the human as a supreme entity, which, in his opinion is sad.

Nevertheless, going against any potential belief that challenges the existence of God, which to Paolo Aliatis it is irrelevant, it brings positive energy both to his family and himself. Regardless of whether there is evidence or not that God exists, he would rather have a God than having nothing. After all, having a God is free.

In terms of family values, it is embedded in his culture and has been one of the keys to Paolo’s success. The only people that will have your back and the only people that you will back, in the end, it will always be family. He does not believe in the government or anyone else to take care of him. Once Paolo Aliatis arrived at the realisation that if one day he ends up old and paralysed, who would be only ones that would take care of him? His family, not his friends and definitely not the government. 

As a part of his culture, he always felt obligated to take care of and respect the elderly his family as his family had always taken care of him.

A hairdresser from a different religious background told him that he was going to show him the truth through his religion. Paolo Aliatis’ answer was simple, if his grandmother says that he is catholic then he does not need further explanation. He declined to understand the truth about the hairdressers’ religion although he respected his and everyone’s religion and beliefs. This is again evidence that God and family are interconnected and are part of a set of values that are in his culture and a part of him in a big way.

In terms of freedom, Aliatis had the luck of growing up in a truly free society in those times. He was biking around the city at seven years old and played football with his friends until the sunset. As a kid he never experienced control, never experienced taxes, governments or any group of people telling him what to do.

Being used to doing what he felt like it as long he respected other people because the society he grew up in made sure that people would understand and respect themselves and other people and their territories.

Because of this, he has become a conservative-libertarian of sorts that does not like anyone to tell another how they ought to live, how they should think, who they should worship or worse, taking other peoples’ hard work for themselves and try to enslave them. 

During his life, Paolo Aliatis always understood that the US as a supreme country used to guarantee freedom for the western world and he thinks that that freedom has been attacked and diminished especially during the last decade by left-leaning movements and “social justice warriors” that have decided to impose on other people; what they should think and how they should act not based on the law of the land but based on some perception of moral and ethical superiority that comes from the indoctrination of left-leaning schools and universities and mostly by defeated bureaucrats and professors that have tried to compete against productive people by using some moral superiority and convince them that there is a certain way to think and behave.

Finally, Paolo Aliatis stands for common sense.

He does not believe that there is a need for political left or right-leaning in the world if human relationships would be arranged through common sense. A lot of the problems that humanity faces including environmental, economic, social and many more problems could be easily solved. There is nothing on this planet that can replace the common sense of the man. Sadly, it seems that common sense is not so common and the world has been moved further from common sense and has been replaced with some kind of show where one human being teaches another human being how things should be based on the persons’ feelings regardless if it is true or not.

The above is what Paolo Aliatis stands for and he would die making sure that his principles and values are at least respected while trying to sell it to as many people possible.