For example whereas console gaming always used to be main method of play and was  restricted to however many players could connect to the games machine (but generally two maximum),  today multi-player games are dominant. What’s more they’re multi-player games that can be played simultaneously by any number of people anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Many would say that this has reached its pinnacle in the form of eGaming which offers huge rewards for the world’s best players.

In the light of gaming’s phenomenal growth clear types of gamers have emerged and have started to be categorised in the same way, and with a number of parallels to, how to spot 5 different types of gamblers.

It’s been generally found that there are four distinct types of player ranging from the ones who do it for fun right up to the true experts.

At the lower end of the spectrum is the Casual Gamer. As the title suggests, gaming is just one of a wide range of leisure activities that they enjoy. They’re not particularly interested in learning about every aspect of a game or even getting to the end of it. Generally they also prefer simpler games that they can dip in and out of whenever’s convenient. They’re also more likely to play on mobile devices rather than investing in a console.

Social media has a huge influence today and this is probably the Social Gamer’s preferred method of communication. So it’s hardly a surprise that their motivation for playing is to be part of a group and to connect with friends in a casual rather than overtly competitive way. So these players are drawn to multi-player games like Call of Duty as well as co-operative world builders like Minecraft. As with the casual gamer, the pleasure’s in the play rather than in the winning.

As we get more serious about things we move into the realm of the Specialist Gamer. These players will take a very keen interest in every aspect of a game even down to the level of knowing which particular developers were behind it. It’s also important for them to explore every nook and cranny of the game as well as unearthing any Easter eggs that may be waiting to be discovered. Then, and only when, they’ve mastered every aspect of the game will they move on to the next challenge.

The Expert Gamer takes things even further and probably even up to the professional or semi-professional level. They will study every aspect of gaming, devour all the information they can find online and be keen to debate the finer points of games and gaming with peers that they respect. They also tend to take a great interest in the gaming industry in general because they want to identify upcoming trends long before they become mainstream.

Having read all these you probably have a pretty good idea about the category you fit in to but if you’re looking for an even closer definition then some observers have identified no less than 27 different types of gamer.

It’s also fun to try to categorise your friends, especially using the wider range of types – and hopefully you’ll discover that you’ve even more in common with at least some of them than you thought.