A massive 3D water installation will be launching at London’s Southbank on Friday 5th May using state-of-the-art motion sensors giving visitors the chance to experience how it would feel to walk through a wall of water…without getting wet. It will be open to all members of the public, for free, until 6pm on Sunday 7th May.  Remember the rain room at the Barbican? It’s using the same technology as that…

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Wall of water credit: Publicasity

The installation is being created to launch Bosch’s new PerfectDry dishwasher, which uses natural Zeolith minerals to dry your dishes as perfectly as it cleans. The giant structure will look like one of the dishwashers and will use 2,000 litres of recycled water falling at a rate of 44 litres per minute to create an indoor torrent of liquid, similar to the conditions inside a dishwasher when it is in use.

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Friday 5th May-Sunday 7th May