It’s the Valentine’s movie of choice for many discerning couples who are looking for some tasty S&M-isms. True, there may be a case to answer for when considering the controlling relationship at the heart of EL James’s mummy-porn bestseller in which uber-rich Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) introduces naïve waif Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) – seriously, these names still crack us up! –  to the wonders of his red room and more… But then again, a progressive depiction of 21st century sexuality, romance and relationships is not what Grey is all about.


What it is about is titillation, and plenty of that, no matter what anyone says. Just check out the soaring rise in Fifty Shades, err, ‘memorabilia’ that has flown off the shelves of late with Ann Summers braced for a surge in demand for particular products and even B&Q circulating a memo to staff for customers out searching for duct tape and rope – maybe these Brits have found out how to overcome their supposed sexual repression? We can’t wait to get hot under the collar.

Fifty Shades of Grey is out Feb 13 through Universal Pictures. 

Also out this week…

Love Is Strange – out Feb 13
If you want a romantic film this weekend that takes a slightly different take on life and love, then this is it. John Lithgow and Albert Molina star as a gay couple of numerous decades together, whose relationship takes a new turn when they decide to get married. A moving, honest and rewarding drama about life and love.

Love Is Strange is out Feb 13 courtesy of Altitude Pictures.