January is a time for fresh starts. It’s an exciting time when we make plans, promise changes and improvements to our diets, lifestyles and careers. As January has now come around once more, many will soon be promising themselves: ” this year will be the year my career will take off.”

For those considering a career move, it may pay (literally) to consider relocating to another region of the country to fully embrace the varying nationwide opportunities the UK has to offer.

But how do regions across the country compare in terms of standard of living? Which area has the highest life expectancy, average house price and crucially, salary?

National online jobs board JobsToday has pulled together an interactive map to help those considering moving to a new location or accepting a new job in an unfamiliar area. The tool allows job hunters to quickly compare some of the most important statistics for each region within the UK.

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For example, did you know that the South West houses an aerospace industry estimated to be worth over £7 billion, with over 800 companies and 57,000 people employed the industry alone?

With average salaries higher than those in the North West, Yorkshire, East Anglia and the East Midlands, the South West may well be an intriguing proposition for those looking for a career boost or even change. 

At the other end of the UK, is Scotland, with an even higher average salary of £26,472 and a rapidly growing financial sector – it’s growing at four times the rate of the Scottish economy.

Bottom line? This year, it may be worth expanding your geographical horizons in order to make 2016 the ‘year of your career’. Check out the interactive map here