It felt like we were under there forever. I wanted to burst out laughing, looking at my boyfriend hooked up with all the scuba gear. But I dared not – if the breathing apparatus slipped out of my mouth, it would be panic stations. We were about to do our first ever dive and were lingering under the water as we waited for one of our group to get to grips with her equipment and join us in the deep blue sea. As we waited, we got thinking… Are my goggles filling up with water? Would a shark find me tasty? Agghh, am I still breathing? As unnatural as it all seems at first, when you glide through the crystal clear waters, like the Little Mermaid’s long lost twin, you soon feel right at home in the underwater world. Well, maybe it’s not quite as simple as that, but as you swim deeper and watch all the brightly-coloured little fishies float by, it’s not difficult to get lost in the awe of it all. It is amazing to look around and see hundreds of little eyes look back at you as they swim by. At one stage I even forgot I was swimming with other humans at all, stopping to watch the shimmering of blue and yellow scales flicker passed every inch of my vision. We also saw little turtles and hundreds of varieties of fish in every size, shape and colour.