The spat started yesterday when oh so down-with-the-kids Brown Tweeted: “Serious tweet: I THink SKATEBOARDING AND BREAKDANCING should be an Olympic sport.”

Quick as lightning, Boyle was in there with: “@chrisbrown Or intergender boxing, you’d be in with a chance of a medal there mate.”

%TNT Magazine% chrisbrowntweet

However, before Boyle gets too many pats on the back for his wit, it should be remembered that only a few days ago the sometimes-funny man was in trouble for a tweet that appeared to make light of rape.

Boyle tweeted: “Victoria Pendleton can lift twice her own bodyweight. Sexy, as it means she still wouldn’t be able to throw me off.”

Anti-rape charities were unimpressed, slamming the joke as tasteless and offensive.

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