Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland
If you thought the radio cutting out or losing your phone signal in a tunnel was scary enough, think again. In the Belchen Tunnel in Northern Switzerland, on the way from Basel to Chiasso, supposedly lives the ‘White Woman’. Dressed as a white-clothed hitchhiker, the story goes that she stops unsuspecting travellers, GETS IN THE CAR, warns of something terrible, and then disappears without a trace.  

A75 Kinmont Straight, Scotland, UK
This road in Dumfriesshire, often referred to as the ‘Ghost Road’ is said to have more reports of paranormal activity than any other lane in the land.
Almost everything spooky has been sighted here, including, screaming hags, eyeless ghouls and even a flying chicken! One particular bizarre account describes seeing great cats, wild dogs, goats and various other creatures as well as a phantom furniture van.

Stocksbridge-by-pass, England, UK
If the A75 hold the title as most haunted road in the UK, the Stocksbridge-bypass is definitely next in line.
The road, or at least the land on which the road was constructed, is said to be rife with strange goings on. Security staff for the original construction site, and even police officers, allegedly have reported supernatural happenings. The most common and the most terrifying of these being a group of dancing children who miraculously vanish, and the spectre of a monk that appears and disappears on the overpass.

Route 2A, Maine, USA
Take a sweater if you’re travelling down this American country road.
Some Truckers have reported a ghostly apparition hitchhiking on the side of road, and others have reported the woman suddenly appearing inside the vehicle without explanation and then suddenly vanishing.
What all the reports agree on is the sharp dip in temperature when she arrives. This is thought to be linked to her freezing in the snow years ago. 

Al Jazirah Al Hamra, UAE
This coastal village, just an hour’s drive from Dubai, used to be a bustling fishing village home to over 4000 people. Then suddenly, in the late 1960s, the town was abandoned, almost overnight.
The reason for this mass exodus and the reason very few people live in Al Jazirah Al Hamra today, is that it is supposedly haunted; overrun by corrupt fairies. These aggressive, genie-like creatures, called “Djinns”, don’t really care for humans and are prone to leaving handprint warnings on the walls to ward off any would-be intruders. That’s you, by the way. 

Canewdon, England, UK
In the 19
th century, it was prophesised that Canewdon, a village less than an hour from London, would be full of witches for eternity. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that Canewdon was the site of quite a few witch trials and executions in the 16th and 17th centuries. There have therefore been dark tales about Canewdon for almost 500 years.
One particularly unsettling claim is that if you run counterclockwise around St. Nicholas Church or one of the tombs in its courtyard on Halloween, the Devil will appear. Yikes.

Kelly Road, Pennsylvania, USA
Probably best to leave the pets at home if you travelling on what has been called “Mystery Mile” in Pennsylvania, USA.
This road connecting Industry and Ohioville, runs through a very dark and eerie forest, and the spirits within it supposedly turn animals from soft and cuddly to nasty and vicious. From man’s best friend, to your worst nightmare.
At the mile’s end, animals are said to return to sanity, but by that point, can you ever trust Mittens again? 

Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong
This highway, part of Hong Kong’s Route 9, which circulates the New Territories, is apparently teeming with ghosts, many of which are really lonely and want you for company. The theory goes that these ghostly spectres scare drivers into accidents in order to add to their numbers.
Imagine the M25, but with more traffic, and ghosts. That’s the Tuen Mun Road.

Eyam, England, UK
The Peak District village of Eyam has had a rough time.
In 1665, the village was struck by the bubonic plague, and to confine the spread of the disease, it was isolated from the rest of the surrounding area. Food and medical supplies were left outside village walls, and the residents were left to die in their homes and be buried in their gardens.
That’s pretty creepy. But there is also haunted inn in Eyam, in which guests have reported the ghosts of two little girls, supposedly killed in a fire also in the 1600s, slamming doors and giggling in the dark of night.

Clinton Road, New Jersey, USA
Dubbed “The Most Haunted Road in America”, Clinton Road and surrounding area have gained a reputation over the years for paranormal events.
Legend has it, on one of the bridges, if you put a coin in the middle of the road, at midnight it will be given back by the ghost of a boy said to of drowned swimming below. If that doesn’t get your proton pack humming, there have been numerous sightings of ghosts, strange creatures and gatherings of witches and Satanists.

 Words: Conor Meany from Holiday Autos