Explore Multiple Destinations in One Go

If you’re a lover of the Mediterranean but can’t choose between a holiday to southern France or a holiday to Italy, you’re in luck because a cruise allows you to see, explore and experience both (as well as several other locations).

One of the main benefits of a cruise is that you’re almost always on the move. This means that, on a cruise holiday, you could easily see five or six different destinations in a week. You can explore cities, beaches and historical monuments by day, while relaxing and dining on the ship at night as you move to the next destination.

With larger destinations, such as Asia, you can take in different cultures, experiences and even countries in one trip. Why choose between a holiday to Japan, China or South Korea when you can experience all three on the holiday of a lifetime?

An Option for Every Time of Year

With a cruise, you’re not only restricted to the summer holidays. In fact, there’s a cruise for every time of year.

Although the Mediterranean and the Baltics may be best explored between July and August for those looking for summer sun, there are options available all year round.

For example, the Caribbean is best explored between December and April so that you avoid the rainy season. Alternatively, if you’re looking to get away later in the year, Canada could be a good option for you, as September is the best time to visit.

If you’d prefer to get away in the middle of winter, then consider a cruise to Dubai. Temperatures are often too hot for travellers in the summer months but between November and March, it’s pleasantly warm and far sunnier than the ice and snow of the United Kingdom.

A Ship to Suit Your Tastes

With so many cruise operators and cruise ships to choose from, cruises are no longer a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Instead, the variety on offer means that you’re sure to find a ship that suits your tastes.

Some cruises include everything from West End shows and huge water slides to cookery schools hosted by celebrity chefs. Some of the larger ships, such as the Marella Dream, available from www.cruisedeals.co.uk, includes nine decks, six restaurants and nine bars, as well as a casino and Broadway Show Lounge, so the variety means you’re sure to find something for you and something new every evening. Alternatively, if you fancy getting away from the hustle and bustle, you’ll also find a fantastic selection of small luxury ships to choose from.

Bring the Whole Family

Nowadays, most cruise liners are child-friendly. However, if you’d like to escape children altogether, you can easily book an adults-only cruise, too.

Cruising is great for kids and excellent value for the family. All child-friendly cruises now come with amazing kids’ clubs suitable for a wide range of ages, and the facilities and activities for children are often world-class.

Plus, with so many restaurants, bars and evening entertainment options on offer, you’ll never struggle to find food, drink and activities that suit their tastes. From water slides and swimming pools to sports and activity clubs, children can do something different each day, while parents can sit back, relax and unwind knowing their children are safe and having the time of their lives!

However, cruises aren’t just about the kids. They’re the perfect family holiday for travellers of all ages because they can be as active or as relaxing as you like. During the day, everyone can do their own thing, before meeting for an evening meal to catch up on the day’s events.

Excellent Value for Money

With an all-inclusive cruise, you can budget and pay for your entire holiday before you travel (including all of your alcohol). That’s because, with a cruise, you can get absolutely everything as part of your package, including all of your meals, drinks and entertainment. This can include other extras, such as spa facilities, fitness passes and nightclubs, too.

However, this isn’t only about budgeting. With an all-inclusive cruise, you should also consider the fantastic experience and the quality of the service you’ll receive, all without having to tip the waiter each time you order a drink or sit down for a meal.

With all of these great reasons to book a cruise, there’s no reason why a cruise holiday wouldn’t be the right choice for you. The only real question that remains is where will you set sail to first?