If you are looking for a great nature travel destination, the archipelago of giant tortoises and black iguanas should be on your bucket list. These islands were formed over centuries between volcanic eruptions at the earth’s tectonic movements, hence the nickname isles of fire. 

With the upcoming 250th celebration of Charles Darwin’s birthday and the growing popularity of exploring the islands that inspired his essays on evolution, we found it appropriate to share some travel tips to enhance the wildlife experience. At TNT Magazine we sought out to research some of the most important visitor sites and activities to help our readers plan the ultimate nature vacation to this farfetched corner of our planet.

According to our source: Voyagers travel, here are some of the main visitor sites and activities to consider when planning a trip to the Galapagos islands:

1.  Tortuga Bay (Santa Cruz Island)

This is a great place to have some quality time with the marine turtles in their habitat. And sometimes, depending on the season, you will likely see more interesting sights like the black turtles that lay their eggs earlier in the year. To get to Tortuga Bay, you will need a 20 minute water-taxi ride or take the walking path, which is about 1.55 miles from Puerto Ayora. While some tourists consider walking as the best way to reach Tortuga Bay, some others feel it is quite a trek to get there, especially when the weather is not favorable.

2. La Loberia (San Cristobal Island)

La Loberia is where you want to be to get the best sight of the island’s lively local residents. Other things to look out for include the beautiful beach, surfing, swimming, and snorkeling. The main attraction here is to swim with the playful sea lions. Just be mindful to never get between the bull and its pups or interrupt its path as it waddles towards the ocean, they are not aggressive as long as they are not threatened. You will not be lacking of interaction, as there are quite a number of them. There are also other fascinating creatures, like the marine iguanas, lava lizards, yellow warblers and frigates. La Loberia beach is close to town, it takes about 20 minutes to walk from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, you can also take a taxi ($4-$5 USD each way).

3. Bird-watching

This is one of the main sightseeing activities that you would not want to miss out on, you can literally spend hours admiring the unique birds and their particular habits on each island. Galapagos amongst other species is known for its flightless cormorant, called the Galapagos Cormorant, being the only species in the world of cormorants without the ability to fly – the absence of land predators and the need to acquire food at sea forced this species to adapt and evolve in order to survive, it is not uncommon to see them swimming along sea lions and penguins at similar speeds and equal skills. This Ecuadorean archipelago is also known to be home to 45 types of unique birds that cannot be found anywhere else. While there are birds everywhere in thes islands, you may want to add some of the top birding sites on your list:  

  • North Seymour 

  • Genovesa Island (El Barranco) 

  • Fernandina Island (Punta Espinoza)

  • Española Island (Punta Suarez)

4. Rancho Primicias (Santa Cruz Island)

Rancho Primicias is one of the best places to view the famous giant tortoises in their natural habitat. Here, you would also have the fun opportunity to climb into empty tortoise shells and the ranch’s lava tunnels. There are also restaurants and restrooms to make your visit comfortable. However, while having fun, you must remember to keep your distance from the tortoises, as visitors are not allowed to feed or touch them. 


There are many more sites and environs to explore in the Galapagos Islands. Each island comes with its own share of endemic flora, fauna and landscapes. Consider it the wildlife paradise of the earth where you can have a different type of holiday with family and friends.