Consequently, when people have their heart set on discovering the ultimate coast, many arrive at Cuba as a point of conclusion. Specifically, the Cuban beach town of Varadero is thought of highly, ranking in polls and top 10 lists of Caribbean beach holidays. Ultimately, with Cuba Holidays offering all inclusive experiences, it is only fitting to explore the perks of Cuban coasts!

Shock White Sands

Beaches can come in a generic form, with normal albeit fun sights to see. When you have visited the same yellow sands and rock pools so many times, the exclusivity can start to wear off and basic expectations come easily met.

However, the beaches of Varadero are at the forefront of Cuba’s appeal. Famous for its shock white sands, many flock to Cuba for this sight of the iconic Caribbean luxury. After all, it’s in all the global marketing of the Caribbean; white shores contrasting wonderfully against the bright blue ocean. Additionally, the white sands stretch for miles and miles, leaving plenty of space for whatever shenanigans you might wish to get up to while delivering a sense of sedate naturality.

Beach Hotels

Occasionally, beaches can come across as fairly isolating. It can often be inconvenient having a bunch of sandals, buckets and spades crammed into your car for transportation. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to have an itchy and irritable ride home from the sand between your toes.

However, Varadero is one step ahead, teeming with 5 star beach side hotels that don’t disconnect you from top quality services and showers. To match the gleam of both the sand and ocean, staff are also on hand to provide drinks and shade. Ultimately, it’s the perfect combination, with top quality fun and facilities all within reach on a Cuban beach!

Stimulating Seas

Of course, the beach is about more than just the sand and service. After all, they can get excruciatingly hot while tempting a lot of lazy lounging. There’s nothing wrong with a good sunbathe, but such is only one dimension to the full luxury experience on a beach.

Alternatively, the seas are never boring, rich with sailors, surfers and swimmers. Many like to take a dip and go snorkelling too, observing the marine tropical marine life up and close in especially clear water. Cuba’s Ancón beach has a glistening reputation for crystal clear waters, that completely sells the luxurious beach experience. Subsequently, the ocean can be as active as the beach, offering just as much beauty and extravagance as the sands.