It takes a lot of effort and time to keep your home clutter-free and organised but it has its perks and advantages. It’s a welcoming place that you like coming back to every day. The best motivation to make this effort is to make your place inviting and space to relax. So, there is no need to put yourself in an emotional trauma because of the messy house while it can easily be remedied.

Sometimes you don’t know where to start from and this is where a cleaning schedule makes our life easy. It might resonate well, but most of us don’t have a routine for cleaning. While we may focus on the aspect of housework, we are likely to ignore other important areas. 

The following will share a checklist of defining routines for maintaining our sanity while not losing our mind due to the untidiness around: 

List down Tasks

Let’s accept this; we all having busy life schedules and the least on our mind are the house chores. In all honesty, these come far down our checklist each day. Hence the need to list down all the house chores that require our time at least once a week. This will not only simplify life but will also be a way to organise and prioritise. The task list helps you manage home well but also doesn’t overwhelm you as it outlines what needs to be done when. There are a lot of sources like the East London cleaners app that you can take help from to make your timetable. So just take a pen and a paper and write down the to-do list like:

  • Cleaning washrooms
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Laundry
  • Changing sheets

Define each by priority and frequency as per your convenience, be it weekly, daily, or monthly. 


When you have managed time to list down all your housework, now is the job to decide what needs to be done daily before you hit the bed for the day. For someone, who has toddlers and kids in the house has a whole new meaning to these chores. For instance, picking up and decluttering the living room floor off toys. The house may not be in a perfect, squeaky clean situation but every little bit of tidying up matters. No matter it’s putting out dishes or making your beds. So, appreciate yourself for however much you manage each day. 


Most families keep laundry and deep clean for the weekend since this is a time-consuming activity. This is where you have all your week’s clothes and bath towels have lined up. So dedicate your end of the week for doing laundry and folding away the clothes. If possible, organising the closets and putting out clothes for the week ahead. 

Alternate Weeks

Every household is different and may require the schedule to be tweaked as per the circumstances. Having said that, for a household of adults vacuuming can be alternated to every other week. But, a house that has young kids may require this to be done every other day or for the least weekly. Occasional mopping and sweeping with kids is something that cannot be avoided due to spills and messes. 

Seasonal Cleaning

There are a few things that require a lot of time and dedication hence you need to plan for them accordingly. Like dusting and cleaning your cupboards. Sorting out clothes. Cleaning garage and managing time for cleaning up your long due freezer. Let’s be real, they get cleaned much less frequently than they ideally should be. 


House cleaning is situational to your family’s needs. Each household is different and so are their state of affairs. So, take it easy and don’t overwhelm yourself by comparing to what others are doing. What may be the right routine for anyone else may not fit your schedule.