Wikileaks has published a list containing facilities apparently of great importance to US security.

The list contains sites all over the world including gas pipes and communication centres, which are said to be “vital to US security”.

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The information, which was collated in 2009 by the US State Department and US officials abroad, was to be used as a global directory of facilities that could critically affect US national security if they were harmed.

Specific locations mentioned in the document includes the Nadym gas pipeline in Siberia (said to be the most important gas facility in the world), an anti-snake venom factory in Australia, and undersea cable between New York and Cornwall as well as an insulin factory in Denmark.

A spokesman for Prime Minister David Cameron’s said: “We unequivocally condemn the unauthorised release of classified information.”

Meanwhile, Wikileaks lawyer Mark Stevens denied that the report could put people’s lives in risk.

“I don’t think there’s anything new in that,” he told the BBC.

“What I think is new is the fact that it’s been published by Wikileaks and of course we have the Wikileaks factor because a number of governments have been embarrassed by what’s happened …”

Wikileaks was last week forced to move to a Swiss host after having been bombarded with cyber attacks trying to shut them down.