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Q. My partner and I are planning a week in Lanzarote. I would like to use the opportunity to visit Morocco, preferably to Agadir or the closest port. I’ve tried to look this up online but couldn’t find anything. Are there any ferries, or do I have to take a ferry to Fuerteventura and then go to Morocco?

Wombaty, via email

Tom HallA. This should be a short one: there are
no ferries from the Canary Islands to anywhere in Morocco. Not from Lanzarote,
not from Fuerteventura, not anywhere.

If you want to get across the almost 100km of Atlantic Ocean that separate Lanzarote from Morocco, you’ll need to hitch a ride on a passing yacht
or steal a jet-ski with a lot of petrol. In other words, it’s not going to happen.

Despite being so near to each other, few people want to travel between the Canary Islands and Morocco, and airfares reflect

Binter Canarias (
fly twice-weekly from Lanzarote to Marrakesh but want about £300 for a return flight. For
that money you could pretty much have
a whole weekend in Morocco from the UK.

In fact, that’s a much better idea anyway: enjoy your week in Lanzarote, then go to Morocco another time. Budget airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair fly direct from London to Marrakesh or Agadir for about £100, ideal
for a weekend break.

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