Only four in ten professionals in the teaching field said the recession limited job opportunities, compared to an average of 50% across all professionals.

This was the finding from a new survey by private bank, Investec. Although the UK economy is growing, wages are increasing at the slowest pace on record, and workers in many industries are feeling the pressure, it found.

If long summer holidays and loads of sneaky coffee breaks weren’t enough motivation to become a teacher, the career prospects could be a deal sealer. Oh, and of course you get to impart your wisdom to our next generation too!

The report, entitled The Future of Work, questioned 2,100 professionals across a range of industries, including legal services, healthcare, teaching and construction.

Less than half of lawyers found that job opportunities were hampered by the economic downturn, which is great news for law grads too.

It also found that law professionals appear to be enjoying more positive prospects, with almost three quarters of those asked saying they are more confident about future working prospects now than they were five years ago.

Despite the findings, Wayne Preston, head of banking products at Investec, said there was no guarantee any career was recession-proof, but advised choosing a career carefully.

He believes the outlook is more positive for many of us: “Confidence in the economy is soaring compared to five years ago and along with it some professions are exhibiting more career confidence.

So whatever your career prospects, get your CV out there to bag a great opportunity.