Money News: Shoe splurges

❚ The ruby red slippers worn by Judy Garland in the 1939 film Wizard Of Oz will go up for auction on December 16. The iconic props are expected to fetch between £1.2m and £2m.
❚ A pair of solid gold heels with diamonds, made this year by British jewellery designer Christopher Shellis, have yet to be sold with their £140,000 price tag.
❚ Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker has more than 100 pairs of Manolo Blahnik shoes, and isn’t afraid to spend $1000 (£636) on one set. She confesses she saves up money to make the purchase.  Well, good for her.

❚ R&B singer Ciara spends a whopping $11,000 (£7000) a month on shoes. That’s $132,000 (£84,000) a year.

Cash Saving Tips: Pocket those pennies

Get a rebate
The government’s Warm Home Discount Scheme provides low-income households with £120 rebate on electricity bills this winter. Call your supplier or visit the Department of Energy and Climate Change website ( to see if you’re eligible.

Learn stuff for free
Feeling a bit unaccomplished? Check out for a free ‘taster’ class in a range of subjects at venues across London. The website is geared towards helping people discover what they love, and offers free guitar lessons, badminton and kickboxing sessions, cooking classes and photography tutorials.

Shop Ellos
Until March 31, enter the code 4914 at the checkout to get 30 per cent off your purchase, plus a free bed throw. Online delivery from the Swedish clothing store is £3.99, but the gift alone is worth £15. Christmas present anyone?


how you spent it money saving tips

Emily Hague, 20
Job Preschool teacher/ student
From Massachusetts
Lives Kensington

How do you budget?
I start the week by writing out a list of the different categories I’m planning to spend my money on. For example: food, drinks, transportation, events, etc. Then, I make sure I stay within my budget for that particular week.

Any money-saving tips?

Write everything down. This helps me make sure that I don’t go over budget, by seeing exactly what I’m buying. And I try to buy non-perishable things in bulk when they are on sale.

Last big blow-out?
My last big blowout was definitely a major shopping spree at Primark. I couldn’t resist!

What non-essential items do you spend money on?
I spend too much cash (waaaay too much) in Starbucks. Their holiday lattes are delicious!