Aileen Hedges, 30, was caught with £180’s worth of amphetamine which she claimed was for her own personal use.But as well as the 18.8g of speed, which she kept in her fridge, police discovered over 35 grams of cannabis, which Hedges told officers was useful for the post housework ‘come down’.

Court prosecutor Bridget Todd said “She explained she took the amphetamine in order to do her housework, perhaps a little faster than she usually would.”

However, Hedge’s story was changed when she appeared in court in Maidstone when she pleaded guilty to dealing the drugs. Evidence of text messages linked to drug supplying “indicated it was not merely for her own personal use and it went beyond social supply to friends” said the prosecutor.

Following the court case, Hedges said “I have never taken speed in my life.”

“I just said it because I have been done for drugs before and was worried about losing my house. I thought I would get it over and done with and just get a caution. But I then told the truth. I just wish I had put my hands up at the start.” she confessed, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Image: A 1960’s housewife, probably not on speed (Chaloner Woods/Getty Images)