Nicole Harris from El Paso, California was filmed busting some impressive dance moves on a treadmill, which was filmed and uploaded to YouTube. She claims to have come up with a dance routine to make her workout more fun and to help heal an knee injury.

One of the men behind the camera can be heard saying “Dude, that’s the next Beyonce right there” The video is entitled ‘Dancing Queen Planet’ – as the name of the gym is Planet Fitness.

Reacting to the popularity of the video Harris said “I just thought it would be another video online and that’s it…but, it’s kinda crazy”

Talk shows across the US are knocking on her door asking for interviews on nationwide shows.

The film was recorded by Robert Gonzalez with Nicole’s permission.

See the video here.

The pop group Ok Go won a Grammy award for their music video for the song Here It Goes Again, in which they choreographed an incredible synchronised dance routine.