But earlier this week, Heist surfaced, alive and well, in Florida, reports Gawker.com. 

She informed a Monroe County sheriff’s deputy that she was a missing person, who contacted Lititz Borough Police Det. John Schofield.

“She said she was at the end of her rope, she was tired of running,” Schofield said. Apparently Heist was going through a divorce and after hearing she was ineligible for housing assistance she had sunk into a depression.

Heist had gone to a park to cry, where she said she met two homeless women and a man, who invited her to join them on a hitchhiking trip to Florida. She accepted, and has lived there ever since, using a fake name, living under bridges and in trailers and sometimes resorting to panhandling and scavenging for food to survive.

“She has a birth certificate and a death certificate so she’s got a long ways to make this right again,” Schofield said. “She’s got to take it slow with her family, I’m sure, and it’s going to be a long process.”

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