The woman, who has not yet been named, rode up to the Macca’s drive-thru on Bury New Road but was denied service. So, unperturbed by this, she opted for what seemed to her to be the only other route to a Big-Mac, she took her horse inside the restaurant.

“A woman allowed her pony to enter our restaurant in Whitefield after being refused service in the drive-thru lane,” a McDonald’s spokeswoman said of the incident.

“The incident caused distress to customers and disruption for the restaurant, and the police issued the woman with a fixed penalty notice.”

Not only were people tucking into their McNuggets shocked to see a horse walk past, but the four legged beast then “ended up doing its business on the floor,” according to a Greater Manchester Police spokesman.

The woman was refused at the drive-thru as McDonald’s policy does not allow them to serve people who are on foot or bikes, or presumably sat atop horses or any other animals, too.

Photo via Thinkstock