The super-slimmer had been told that her belly button had been taken off and there was not enough skin to make her a new one – however, that wasn’t the case, as she discovered on a flight home from Portugal in 2011.

It turned out that her tummy button had been stitched up inside her all along – it exploded during the journey, then started leaking ‘foul-smelling’ liquid, which other passengers complained about.

After landing, Ms Jackson was taken to hospital, where doctors found out that her old belly button had been sewn up inside her. In January this year, she was awarded £22.5k in compensation for her ordeal.

Speaking to the Hull Daily Mail, Ms Jackson spoke of her relief that the matter was sorted.

“The result of my case means that awareness has been raised and it can hopefully change patient care in the future,” she said.

Image credit: Thinkstock