According to a recent poll by, there could be a link between how often Britons go on holiday abroad and how often they get promoted at work; with lower stress levels as a result of breaks potentially contributing to the success of employees when it comes to working their way up within a company.

1,974 UK adults in full time employment took part in the study, and answered questions about the success they’d experienced within the workplace and their holiday habits.

When asked if they’d been abroad at least once per year in the last three years, 57% of those taking part said yes. All respondents taking part were then asked about their experience of being promoted at their workplace.

According to the study, 41% of the employees taking part had been promoted at work in the last three years, 83% of whom admitted that they had been on holiday at least once every year in the last three years, suggesting that those who took regular breaks oversees were more likely to work their way up the career ladder within their place of employment.

If that’s not an excuse to get start comparing flights and packing your suitcase, we don’t know what is.

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