The Ballarat Wildlife Park resident has just celebrated his 29th birthday – and he’s become a social media sensation overnight.

Patrick is believed to be the largest and oldest living wombat on the planet – and the park have also chosen to share on their Facebook page that he’s probably the ‘oldest living wombat virgin’, as he’s never had a spouse. 

After Tourism Australia posted a Facebook message wishing him a happy birthday, Facebook went into meltdown, and the post has received over 258,000 ‘likes’ so far.

The post has also prompted people to share their memories of Patrick, who came to live at the park after being orphaned as a baby.

Speaking to, the park’s social media manager, Lauren Rix, said: “We always knew that Patrick was a very special wombat, but the huge social media response that he has received this week is incredible.

“It’s safe to say that his birthday this year will be extended into a week of celebrations here at Ballarat Wildlife Park.”

Image credit via Facebook