The music will be coming from two up and coming South African based original Indie and Grunge Rock bands, the food will consist of wors rolls and other South African delicacies.

The headlining act Paul Slack is releasing an album of eclectic funky indie rock tracks, lovingly crafted over a couple of years.  The songs have strong melodies, loud but musical guitars and feature a full 7 piece band of great musicians, including a horn section (trumpet and sax).  His set will get your heart pumping and toe tapping.

And then there is Free Recovery who are releasing a new EP featuring a blend of full fat grunge music, guaranteed to rip through your soul like a grungy pair of ripped jeans.

Free Recovery is a 5 piece stoner rock band with frontman Warrick James (aka ‘Jimmy’) from Cape Town whose warm, gravelly tones and uplifting vocals set the band apart from most modern bands. Think Cornell mixed with Vedder and you will be close to understanding why.  They have also been known to throw in a few Pearl Jam and Nude Girls covers from time to time.

Jimmy and Paul have been mates for a number of years and are really excited to putting on a show together that features new music from both of their bands. The stars have aligned to make this happen, so come join them and get a wors roll while you are about it.

Tickets are £5, can be purchased on the night but all tickets purchased online will receive the new Paul Slack album for free.

Link for ticket sales;