Their disgruntled managers have said that they weren’t adhering to their designated break times and that they were also in the wrong area, as they were eating the pies in Surfer’s Paradise, but working in Main Beach.

The cleaners have responded by saying they were victimised and ‘humiliated’ for eating the pies during their short break.

The news comes three years after a Bulletin special investigation revealed a psychologist’s report that said one third of city cleaners had been bullied by management and co-workers.

The two workers were told to leave their jobs last Wednesday but they will be fighting to get them back at a hearing at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

Mr Kamu, one of the cleaners, wrote in a letter of response to the case: “We were hungry, needed a break and all of a sudden their break policies went out of the window.”

He added that they were approached by a ganger who ‘berated and humiliated’ them, and used ‘inappropriate and offensive language’ heard by tourists.

A spokesman for the Australian Workers’ Union confirmed conciliation processes are pending. The union will represent the workers at the Queensland Relations Commission.

Image credit: Thinkstock