The MLC Stephen Dawson is planning to marry his partner of 10 years in small ceremony at one minute past midnight. The new laws, however, may be short lived as they face a challenge in the High Court next week.

Mr Dawson told ABC Local Radio he hopes the marriage sends a message to the community. He said: ‘Between us we decided if we’re going to do this we’re also going to take the opportunity to make a statement, to say that we think Australia is ready, we think the community is ready.’

He added: “A good number of people in the community are supportive of marriage equality and in fact another significant number, it doesn’t bother them, so I think there’s a clear majority who aren’t against it and so we’re making a statement that we think Australia is ready for this. The time has come and other parliaments and indeed the Federal Parliament should legislate to allow same sex couples to get married.’

Mr Dawson also spoke of his disappointment at the fact that the marriage could become null and void as early as next week, depending on the High Court Decision.

He explained: ‘We’ll cherish the moment, however short lived it may be. I’d be disappointed but I think it is important for us to take this opportunity. I can’t second judge what the High Court might say and there’s a school of thought that the states and territories can legislate in this area, there are other learned people who say they can’t. But this I guess is the first time that the High Court, the highest court in the land, can actually make a decision and set us straight on the issue.’

Image credit: Facebook