Have you discovered the perfect town on your travels? Not wanted to leave? You may well have found somewhere you want to live for a while but watchya going to do about money?

If bar work, promotion or admin is not your game, perhaps you should consider retail.

Although working in a shop is not particularly glamourous, it can be a good way to meet people, and quite frankly, when was glamour for backpackers anyway?

And the good news is that whether it’s a music store, fashion boutique or supermaket there are always jobs available for travellers.

Graham Henry, operations manager of Kemeny’s supermarket in Bondi, is always open to employing free spirits. “Lots of travellers do our cashier work. Many people are looking for short term positions, and that’s fine with us, we understand that.” 

Although retail won’t make you a millionaire overnight (and there you were thinking it would), you could make a fair bit of cash if you are prepared to work weekends. 

“Expect to earn $19/hour at the till, but you can make time-and-a-half on Sundays,” says Henry.

Although the chances of being sponsored by a small chain are quite slim, Graham is quick to reassure us that it does happen. “We have just sponsored a guy from the Czech Republic on a 457 visa.“ 

So what would make you attractive to a man like Henry? Well he certainly isn’t fussy. 

“What I want is someone who can count. Really. Sometimes I ask people what eight plus five is and they say 15. I’m dumbfounded. They also need to be able to communicate.”

But if you don’t fancy working behind the till (it’s certainly not for everyone) perhaps working in a clothes outlet for a couple of months is a more attractive option.

Especially if you’ve got an eye for a bargain and like to keep up with all the fashion trends.

Helen Warr, shop assistant at fashion boutique Vibe in Bondi, admitted that she enjoys a considerable staff discount, although wouldn’t reveal how much.

What she was able to reveal was that there were plenty of jobs available. “We often employ travellers, particularly during the summer as there are more people around.

“That time of year is fun, and it’s great to work near the beach,” she says.

Even though the rates of pay don’t tend to vary much from store to store, having relevant experience definitely puts you in a better position to negotiate.

And looks do count. If you want a job in fashion don’t turn up looking like a tramp. “When we employ, we look for someone who has good experience, is reliable and is well presented. That’s obviously important in this industry,“ says Warr.

So if you’ve spotted a shop you like, keep an eye out for signs in windows, or why not just pop your head in and ask.

But whatever you do, if you fancy a job in Kemeny’s, make sure you have polished up those arithmetic skills.